Monday, December 31, 2012

suck it, 2012

They say the way you spend midnight on New Year's Eve is the way you're going to spend the rest of your year. I'm glad that saying is farther from the truth than any predictions made by Miss Cleo because otherwise I would have spent the entirety of this godforsaken year blacked out, drunk on tequila, lying on the floor of a karaoke room. Actually that probably would have made 2012 a little more bearable.

My resolutions for the past year were to blog more and get out of retail. Oops. The only thing I succeeded in was regressing further into the emotional maturity of a tween girl. My resolutions for 2013 are to actually blog more and to stop being late to every single thing I attend as I am convinced the reason I get invited to nothing now is because I am always late (and also because I never show up).

I think we all put too much emphasis on New Year's Eve. I'm about to leave my apartment but my makeup is terrible and I'm wearing the same outfit I wore for NYE 2010. I'm not going to kiss anyone at midnight, I'm too tired and embarrassing to drink to excess, and I'm already pathetic at 24. This year sucked. I'm only celebrating the fact that it's over.  To be honest, a huge part of me really wants to stay home and fall asleep at 11:30. If sleep is all I do in 2013 it will already have been better than 2012.

But enough complaining. Here's to the money I didn't earn, the job I failed to quit, the weight I didn't lose, and the pop culture that consumed my existence. Thanks to those who have yet to abandon this blog, even though apparently I am not one of those people.

Happy New Year! and many thanks to Ke$ha for my mantra of 2013:

found out you're full of it I'm over it so suck my dick