Saturday, April 29, 2017

sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

Last night I dreamt I was putting lotion on my legs in an attempt to soften their natural sandpaper finish, but giant mosquitoes kept landing all across my limbs, where they struggled and then drowned in the thick goop. 
It reminded me of that peculiar lie Disney helped perpetuate via their Oscar-winning documentary, 'White Wilderness.' In it, a hysterical group of lemmings purportedly commits suicide by hurling themselves off a cliff, plunging violently to the icy sea below. The doc claims this is commonplace for these saddest of creatures, but actually, it is not.
I woke up and immediately recalled the time I was at a restaurant in beautiful, overcast Milan, where I sat down to a plate of pizza -- only to discover tiny fruit flies slowly and painfully drowning to their deaths in, around and beneath hearty slices of mozzarella. Please do not be jealous of my brain or of my life, both so rich with drama and experience.

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